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Stranded Sails includes a basic combat system. Most enemies will take the form of spectral skeletons that will swing or throw their sword at the player, who will lose energy if hit.


When the player enters combat, they will automatically equip their sword. Using the activate key (default: Left, Space, or A) will swing the sword in the direction the player is moving, or in the direction of the cursor if no movement keys are behind held. Swinging the sword uses energy, as does getting hit, so the player must be careful to manage their energy, eating food or retreating if necessary.

There are 3 enemy types, differentiated by their color:

  • Blue enemies are the basic variant, approaching the player for melee strikes.
  • Red enemies have two swords and attack faster, but otherwise behave like blue.
  • Green enemies try to keep a distance from the player and throw their sword, dealing damage as it leaves and returns.


Hot foods provide buffs that increase the damage the player deals with their attacks, and spicy foods decrease the energy lost from getting hit. See Chili Flakes and Black Pepper respectively for lists of these foods.